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Welcome to Camp Solomon

Discover the Essence of Authentic Leadership at Camp Solomon

Dive deep into the back-to-basics school camp style, meticulously designed to nurture essential leadership virtues, such as respect, self-reliance, and effective human relations. Always at the heart of our mission is our vision: Building character through adventure.

Our objective? To bolster self-confidence, mold character, foster independence, and cultivate an instinctive ability to thrive within any community. At Camp Solomon, we instill the values of independent thinking, accountability and unwavering sportsmanship in young minds. We achieve this through a tapestry of challenging experiences, dynamic social interactions, and empowering self-reliant activities.

The Camp Solomon Difference:

Nestled in the breathtaking Otto’s Bluff, just a short journey from Pietermaritzburg, is Camp Solomon, a place where young people embark on a rite of passage. Here, a school camp is more than just an adventure; it’s a transformative journey from childhood to adulthood.

For over two decades, Challenges for Champions has been at the forefront of guiding this profound transition – our legacy is deeply rooted in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Rite of Passage: Camp Solomon isn’t just about fun and games. It’s a pivotal bridge between youthful innocence and matured wisdom, where attendees separate from their familiar communities, delve deep into self-discovery, and return enlightened and ready to contribute as responsible young adults.

Core Values Nurtured:

Every activity, lesson, and interaction is designed to instill and nurture essential life lessons. We offer camps that develop strong character in children and teens from primary and high schools, such as:

    • Self-sufficiency to stand confident in the world.
    • Resilience to bounce back from challenges.
    • A positive attitude and the perseverance to see tasks through.
    • The spirit of teamwork coupled with empathy and selflessness.
    • An unwavering growth mindset pushing boundaries.
    • The pursuit of self-discovery and unyielding honesty with oneself.
    • Deep-seated appreciation for the world around and the patience to understand it.

DISCOVER YOUR JOURNEY: Tailored Camps for Every Aspiring Adventurer

Embark on the journey of a lifetime with Camp Solomon, where every camp experience promises unparalleled learning, adventure, and transformation!

Camp Kickstart: An Introductory Adventure 

Dive into the world of camping with our tailor-made program exclusively for the curious young minds of Grades 1 to 4. Spanning two days and one night, “Camp Kickstart” offers an engaging introduction to the wonders of outdoor life, ensuring a memorable and safe first-time experience.

Leaders Rise: A Leadership Bootcamp

Crafted for those poised to take the helm, this program is an intense leadership-centric camp that sharpens the capabilities of upcoming leaders. Whether you have primary school or a high school seniors prefects stepping into leadership roles, these two days and one night will elevate their leadership prowess.

Team Titan: Mastery through Unity

Spanning three days and two nights, this camp blends leadership skills with team-building and problem-solving exercises. Crafted for senior primary and high school groups, participants will forge bonds, master collaboration, and discover the power of collective thinking.

Character Quest: The Ultimate Journey of Transformation

An epic adventure awaits high school students with our Character Quest journey. Over eight to ten action-packed days, we weave a custom journey of self-discovery that transcends regular camping. From exhilarating hikes and immersive work experiences to introspective solitude moments, this camp embodies a rite of passage. It’s a bridge from youthful wonder to mature wisdom, fostering traits like resilience, empathy, and perseverance, while paving the way for holistic personal growth.